2. Slide for Campus Pride

10 Oct

This fall, Schick has paired with JWT New York to create a campaign for the new Schick Hydro brand. The television commercials for this campaign involves people being active and then getting hit in the face (by a fist, a ball, a pillow) and the solid object explodes into a wave of water. This follows their claim that their new razor is,

Like a blast of hydration to your face.

But what makes this campaign different from any other TV spot? Schick has hired a team of brand ambassadors at college campuses all over the country for the sole purpose of spreading information about the brand, both with products and events. Over the last couple weeks, Schick has been attempting to beat the Guinness World Record for the most people to go down a slip-n-slide in one hour. This campaign, called Hydro Experience: Have a Blast, is directed at college students all over the country to participate in breaking a world record and getting some free stuff.

Last Friday, the University of Oregon beat the current record of 1865 people to go down a slip-n-slide in one hour with 2736 slides! Hundreds of students showed to get free gear, play slippery twister, and have an impromptu shaving cream fight. Music was pumping and students were dripping wet in Schick t-shirts and shaving cream hair-dos.

There I am, covered in mud and shaving cream!

The brand ambassadors on each campus have been doing their part to spread awareness of the brand by using Facebook and twitter to update their followers on events at their schools. Using social networking, Schick is truly targeting a younger generation. To me they are saying,  This isn’t your dad’s razor.

There is no doubt this event brought excitement to the University of Oregon, but how does a campaign like this actually affect sales. Because of this campaign, I learned that Schick’s shave cream has a refreshing tingle, especially when squirted down the neck of an unsuspecting target. Their approach may be unconventional, but it is hard to deny its success.


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