8. An attempt to make Generation Y give a sh*t

20 Oct

For some reason I, and it seems most other voters, believed that the 30 and under crowd had a big part in the nomination and election of President Obama, but this does not seem to be the case. The Next Great Generation makes it painfully obvious in their article Hey Youth Vote! that their was only a 1% increase in votes from voters under the age of 30 this past election compared to one years earlier. They were sure coming out in throngs to register voters and show their support, but were they actually voting? Or maybe it was the same old group voting that were way more excited for this election. Either way, there has to be something we can do about getting more youth participation in elections. It’s our future after all.

President Obama is attempting to rally his once obsessed followers and prove that he is the Obama-nator we all once supported. He is visiting towns and college campuses to do what he does best, talking. His goal is to wake up supporters and prove to them that he is in fact making changes for us and our lives. Hopefully that will spark students to pick up their cell phone/pda/Blackberry/iPhone/Macbook and register to vote in this upcoming election.

TNGG is shouting out to Generation Y to not only fill out their poll directed at young voters, but to create the questions for it. They are going to poll California (because of their large population and economy) and they want the questions to come straight from the youth that they want to hear from. Questions are already being posted on their website including:

Do you support the legalization and taxation of marijuana?

An obvious favorite, and:

Should college debt be forgiven for those who join AmeriCorps or Teach for America?

These questions are straight from the under-30 crowd and will hopefully be used to spark more questions in the minds of young voters. It’s going to be our country in a few years and Generation Y needs to start giving a damn!


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