7. Fresh faces of advertising

20 Oct

This week, AdweekMedia released its Media All-Stars list for 2010 and there is a definite trend. This list is compiled of people in the ad world who have gone above and beyond this year with creative ideas and new strategies. These people have innovation and experience pouring into every aspect of their lives. What’s the trend you ask? A majority of the people on this list are in their mid to early-30’s. Some are even in their 20’s.

As a 20-something young professional (okay fine I’m only 20, but close enough) these ages do not surprise me. My generation consists of, as Adweek states,

“youngsters who grew up with a mouse instead of a rattle.”

We grew up with the internet, our own televisions, cell phones and PlayStation. Most of us were raised to break into to work force full speed ahead and not slow down until you have a steady paycheck and a growing retirement fund. This desire for success, technological experience and young creativity is the reason so many youngsters made it on AdweekMedia’s all-star list.

Two of the youngest All Stars are Beth Doyle, 28, from VivaKi and Starcom’s Karen Umeki. Only about 5 years out of college, Doyle is the associate director of innovations for the online ad research company Vivaki. She is currently heading up a project called The Pool that researches and creates commercials for emerging media. Doyle has major companies, from YouTube to Kraft, working as partners with VivaKi on this project. Karen Umeki, 27, is already at her second major office on Starcom USA’s publishing activation team. She already worked with big names at a small firm in LA, Round 2 Communications, and is now leading a team on the Orbit account. Her drive and different way of thinking lead to the creation of an unprecedented print ad with peeling layers.

The industry is changing, now more than ever. Every agency, whether it be big or small, is looking for the next big thing to get ahead of the pack. The best way to get fresh new ideas is to hire from the younger generation, a generation who has grown up with change and growth. Young professionals like Beth Doyle and Karen Umeki are just two of the many brilliant young designers, planners and creatives. The time is coming to a close for the industry to be run by gray-haired men in stiff black suit behind a desk. Now it is all about integrated teams of experienced executives and fresh-faced juniors. Out with the old and in with the new!


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