17. Driving baby collides with success for HP

1 Nov

AdWeek writes last week about the success and originality of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ new ad for HP. This commercial depicts a baby in a wheelie whizzing down streets and highways, finally ending up at someone’s door and out comes an image from their HP printer. This ad is for HP’s new printer that allows you to send an image by email from any phone and the picture would automatically print at the receiving printer.

Via YouTube

The ad is light and cheerful with a bright-eyed, happy baby and joyful music. It’s simplicity and clarity show just how great the new printer can be and how unique it is. Goodby is known for their work with HP and the The Computer is Personal Again campaign. These ads draw the tech-driven buyer who wants a computer that will mold to fit their busy lives. These new ads for the HP printers are fresh and totally new. They draw attention to the simplicity of HP’s products and the ability to simply push a button from miles away and have a tangible picture waiting for you at home. In this case, consumers could take a picture of their bouncing baby and immediately send it to not-so-tech-savvy Aunt Susan.

According to AdWeek, Goodby shot all this footage themselves and used twins in front of a green screen to shoot the baby. The ad is beautifully shot and is of very high quality. Everyone loves babies in commercials, but this specific infant seems to participate in the filming, as if he is acting. I find myself wishing this commercial would run longer.


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