16. Take Note: Deb Morrison’s Chart of Agencies

1 Nov

Every agency is different, and in this chart Deb Morrison gives her take on how they all compare to each other.

Via Alyssa’s class notes

My favorite way of imagining each type of agency is by describing them as types of kitchens:

An Innovator has a large, impressive kitchen. They have beautiful, granite counter tops and brightly painted cabinets, large murals and hand-painted dishware. An espresso machine is at the ready. The refrigerator would be full of tasty ethnic foods and interesting fruits from other countries. On the fridge door someone has printed and posted the quote of the day, “Go forth and be bold!”

A Radical’s kitchen would have chalk-painted cabinets with notes and pictures drawn all over them. The walls would be a canvas for images and ideas. The fridge would have a few indescribable items and an interesting combination of spicy condiments. Some things may be molding, but it’s probably intentional for an art project. The door of the fridge has a couple post-its on it, one with the quote of the day “Lets make some cool sh*t today!”

A Monolith would have an industrial sized kitchen with stainless steel counter tops and stark white cabinets. Everything would be in its place and multiple coffee pots would be running. The refrigerator would have healthy, balanced meals and no leftovers. People would eat off clean white plates and thick glassware. On the door of the fridge, the company policy is posted along with a reminder about the next company picnic.

A Purveyor’s kitchen would look like something out of The Office, very clean, but simple and to the point. One single-serving coffee machine and a toaster are sitting on a laminate counter. A lone sandwich from the day before hangs out in the fridge next to coffee creamer and a cup of plain yogurt. There may be a scrap of paper on the refrigerator door asking if anyone has seen Stan’s keys.


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