19. Things we want vs. things we need

3 Nov

Everyday we are faced with making choices in our society about doing what we want to do or doing what we need to do, buying what we want or buying what we need. For myself, I face this struggle every time I walk into Target. Erin Hanson designed this series of Wants vs Needs on her website RecoveringLazyholic.com. I love the simple images and concepts used here to convey the bigger picture. Most of the concepts below have to do with money and logic. My favorite, the one I feel I relate most to, is comparing the iPhone to a traditional telephone. Sure, I only really need a simple phone to keep in touch with friends and family, but society tells me that I need to have an expensive, advanced smart phone to keep up with everyone around me. If I couldn’t check my email at least 10 times a day I am afraid I would fall behind. Take a look at the chart below and decide for yourselves what are your needs vs your wants.


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