23. Hey that reminds me of this ad I’ve seen…

9 Nov

I was sitting in a physics class last week and, in attempt to gain any small portion of our attention, our professor played this music video:

OK GO is known for making interesting and never before seen music videos based on simple ideas and low budgets. Although while this video was playing, I couldn’t help but think I have seen this style before. This Rube Goldberg style machine and invention has been replicated many times over the years, but one stands out. In 2003, Honda came out with a commercial called The Cog to promote the seventh generation Honda Accord. The ad follows a machine built by Heath Robinson from a dissembled Accord. Wieden+Kennedy London was in charge of the Cog campaign, which became hugely popular and turned into a three part series including Sense and Everyday.

After doing some research I found that other people find situations in the world that also remind them of ads or commercials. RoseBelle posted on her blog Three Wisdoms about being at the grocery store and seeing an old couple holding hands and it instantly reminded her of the recent DeBeers  “Hands” commercial that claims “There are two things in the world that last a long time. Love is one of them. A diamond is forever.” It is truly successful advertising when a commercial like this sticks out in your mind. DeBeers has successfully captured the idea that love can last a lifetime, and so can their diamonds. Their goal for this commercial was most likely to associate the lasting love between the actors with the lasting quality of their product. They have not only succeeded in that, but they have also associated all lasting love with their diamonds.

I also remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 in high school and couldn’t help but be reminded of the Apple Macintosh commercial that air in the 1984 Superbowl. Even now in 2010, that is one of the most influential commercials ever made. Whenever I see a talking baby or a baby acting like an adult I instantly think of the E*TRADE commercials. Successful ads easily make connections to our society and constantly remind consumers of their company or product in everyday situations.

What other real world situations remind you of ads or commercials?



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