30. Conan and AmEx go to India

10 Nov

Last night, the last of the Conan O’Brien promotional commercials aired just before the show’s debut. AdWeek’s Barbara Lippert wrote “Loco AmEx Promo Takes Conan to India” yesterday after the spot aired. She describes the as as “not only gorgeous to watch (with those deeply saturated colors, it seems hard to take a bad shot), but there’s a real story with a payoff.”

In this spot, Conan travels to India in search of the best silk thread. For over half of the commercial, I was completely unsure what this ad was getting at, other than Coco just being Coco. Lippert writes that “he really exercises his mock-heroic, Moses-like acting chops” while ridding an elephant and dying his own fabric. It all makes sense when Conan stands, all suited up, stroking his hand-loomed, freshly dyed silk curtains. “If you’re really serious about entertainment, every detail counts,” says the announcer, over the AmEx logo.

There is no clear link to American Express, except maybe that every great performer needs a solid backing like AmEx. This may be the most creative and unconventional ad spot for a credit card, especially for such an anticipated event. The success and following for this commercial is undeniable. Hopefully this is a premonition for what is to come.


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