33. A green Leaf on the automobile industry tree

15 Nov

Nissan released a campaign for their new all-electric car, the Leaf. The ads were created to convey their environmental friendliness and hope for a cleaner future.The first ad has the voice of Lance Armstrong showing how he is used to always being behind noisy, smelly tailpipes while on his bike rides. That is until the Nissan Leaf was built. Nissan promotes their first vehicle with no exhaust pipe and shows how much better it will be for everyone else on the road. The commercial hints at also being environmentally friendly with their “innovation for the planet, innovation for all” tag line. I enjoy this commercial and the idea it represents. It is important to remember that Nissan also produces large diesel guzzling trucks, so they are not completely in the clear, but this is a good start.

This next ad concentrates more on the environmental aspects of the vehicle. I like that you don’t know what the commercial is for until about 50 seconds in, forcing viewers to hang on for the full minute to see what it is about. The images in this ad are mesmerizing. Who wouldn’t want to be hugged by a big, fluffy polar bear? The same tag line is used in this ad as was used before, tying the campaign together. This one focuses on promoting to the environmentalists, whereas the first ad may draw more from the average consumer. With almost one million views on YouTube, there is no doubt that at least the commercials are successful.


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