37. The iPad is the most popular kid on the playground

18 Nov

Last night while watching a rerun of Two and a Half Men, I saw two commercials that really surprised me. The first one shows a man sitting in an empty room playing on his iPad. Next, he pulls out a thick black card that says Verizon, and turns on a green light. Next, the walls of the room fall away and he is sitting on a grassy cliff looking over the ocean, still using his iPad. Verizon has recently come out with the new MiFi Mobile Hotspot that allows you to connect WiFi to your iPad (or any other mobile internet device, I presume), almost anywhere. They are starting at $20 a month for a 1GB, no obligation data plan. I found this commercial surprising because this is the first time Verizon has been officially connected to an Apple product. People see this as hope for the iPhone to soon be carried by Verizon.

A commercial I saw only a few minutes after this one was for a Comcast Xfinity TV DVR remote application that has just been released. The app allows the user to use their iPad as a large, touch screen remote for their TV or DVR if they have Xfinity TV. The app works similar to the guide already on Xfinity. The iPad is gaining so much attention, especially with these new apps and accessories. You can even see the iPad in TV shows and car commercials. When the iPad was released, consumers were wary about its practicality. Now that it has proven its lasting power, tons of companies are jumping on the bandwagon to be associated with the hip, new device. Verizon could have used a laptop in their commercial, but they chose to used they iPad to show that they are tech savvy and up on today’s trends.


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