41. Awful-mercials

30 Nov

I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but the infomercials always seem to stack up. Adweek came out with an article last week, “‘Tis the Season for Infomercials” about the most recent Snuggie infomercial and all its glory. Infomercialsare known for being over-the-top, repetitive and altogether usually pretty hideous. Barbara Lippert, a writer for Adweek makes the argument that “especially in this recessionary economy, infomercials tap into to the basic American spirit of hope and the need for self-reinvention in a uniquely positive and powerful way.”

Infomercials have a special place in many of our hearts. They are reliable at 3 am when nothing else is on TV, they always provided an unintentional sense of humor and they also never hold back on the corny jingles and tag lines. Infomercials are the epitome of awful advertising. The constant promise for a low price of $19.95 with the hidden footnote reading “3 payments of” is not only deceptive, but irritating. Is there a better way to create ads on a low budget. Do the infomercials even work? Who is picking up the phone to order knife sharpeners or Magic Bullets in the middle of the night? Who really needs knives that cut through leather shoes?


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