42. The Hilfiger’s go on holiday

1 Dec

Tommy Hilfiger released their first branded television spot in 5 years, just in time for the holidays. The commercial features a fictional family, the Hilfigers, on their holiday picnic out in nature. The family is decked out in Tommy Hilfiger designs, representing his pristine image of an American family. The Hilfigers were also depicted in a series of print ads earlier this fall and have also appeared in Paris for the opening of the lifestyle brand’s largest store in France, attended Fashion Week, the U.S. Open, Tokyo and New York. The “family” is traveling all over the world representing the lifestyle brand.

Avery Baker, Senior Vice President of  Marketing and Communication for Tommy Hilfiger, was interviewed by Ad Age in article about their boosted advertising budget. When asked about their campaign strategy, Baker said “it’s become a really fun part of the campaign, a great layer of guerrilla marketing. We’ve found that wherever they go people are just so drawn to them.” The characters have a great appeal to consumers. People see the family and desire to look like them. Because of this appeal, Tommy Hilfiger has boosted its sales 60% to keep up with the demand. The campaign, created by Laird & Partners, is supposed to run in the U.S. through Dec. 5.

“We really felt this campaign would come to life through [TV], because of the sense of the characters and the sense of narrative,” Ms. Baker explained. “We really feel that this campaign defines the Tommy Hilfiger brand today.”
This classic American cool look is used by many designers including J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. Tommy Hilfiger is the first to create a living, breathing representation of their brand. This is the best holiday commercial I have seen so far this year. I love the attitude of the family and the sassiness of the outfits. The music played on the TV spot, Vampire Weekend’s Holiday, fits perfectly with the style of the campaign.

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