43. Take-Aways

2 Dec

Today was the last day of Creative Strategists. The last 10 weeks have been a whirlwind, yet somehow I have managed to keep my head on straight and learn something. Here are some of my take-aways:

Be indispensable.

Blogs should be an ongoing smart convo.

Brand thinking is being part of the universe of the consumer & living well within it.

Value is in the brand, rather than in the tangible.

Put stock in the people you talk to.

Fun & culture leads to the work on the walls.

Great opportunities are in any size agency.

Don’t worry about the name on the door.

The best agencies are both creative & strategic.

Work hard & be nice to people.

Your work will get you a second look, but your personality will keep you around.

Everyone is a maker.

Stand out.

Don’t mistake what’s possible for what’s right.

Don’t pander.

Deliver a point of view.

Take time to think, to mull things over.

What you think is more important than what you’ve done.

Be bold!

It’s like dating, you have to find the right match.

Any experience is good experience.

Be up on trends.

There will always be someone better, learn from them.

Optimism + hard work = success.

Don’t worry if you are scared shitless.

Let people tear your work apart.

BUILD CALLOUSES — or you will be f*cked.

Choose your battles.

What is the purpose?

Ideas come from everywhere.

You can’t brand a company that doesn’t have a soul.

It’s not just what the product does, it’s how it feels to you.

What separates brands now is emotion. What makes emotion is storytelling.

You have to walk it & talk it.

Surround yourself with people who are resilient.

Speak up or step aside.

Brands evolve & die.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Learn. Listen. Collaborate.

Embrace what you life is.

We live in stories.

Engage at the human level.

Don’t just put glitter on a turd.

Be aware.

Twitter is not a social network, it is a significant news source.

Your job should be an extension of you hobbies.

It’s not okay anymore to just work for profit.

The cobbler’s children never have cool shoes.

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried ’til they’re 75 or 80.

If you don’t pick it, do it, live it, push it in the right direction — you are a zombie.

Carve your path.

Do work, love your family & don’t be an asshole.


A huge thanks goes out to Ashley Steward, Dave Allen, Scott Bedbury, Rob Baird, John Armato, Tyler Kirsch, Kelsey Coffrin and of course, Deb Morrison.


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