46. Ads that guys like

5 Dec

The University of Oregon played a great game today and won over the Oregon State Beavers. I enjoyed the game at one our campus fraternity houses and learned that there is no better way to enjoy a football game than with a room full of testosterone driven men. Pizza boxes and chip bags littered the room while the boys cheered on their ducks.

One thing I noticed in the room full of men is that they have a very different taste in ads than women. The commercials playing during that game were directed much more at men then at women, including truck commercials, attractive women and greasy food. They even had commercials for men about what to buy their wife or girlfriend for the holidays. I started to take note on what ads the boys enjoyed most.

One that everyone seemed to laugh at was a new State Farm commercial that showed a woman nagging her boyfriend for backing into a car. After the State Farm agent appeared, she asked for a new boyfriends and a very attractive, shirtless man appeared. The man then also asked for a new girlfriend and a gorgeous woman appeared in booty shorts. There is a similar commercial out that is more geared towards women that shows a bunch of attractive guys. I found it interesting that every guy in the room was grinning at the commercial like they wished they could do the same thing.

So I learned one thing I already know, that boys like attractive women. I also learned that boys like food, dirty words and sports. If humor is mixed in with any of these factors it is an automatic winner. The the new Cadillac holiday commercial is not much different from any other car commercial, except with the announcer reads their “Gift of asphalt” campaign it comes out sounding like you are giving the gift of something much different. Listen for yourself and see if you hear it.

Another commercial the men enjoyed included humor, technology and Peyton Manning. The new commercial for Sony includes Peyton Manning and a set of pads made out of bubble wrap. There was also a Pizza Hut commercial for a new item with lots of cheese. It was interesting seeing what ads interest guys versus girls.


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