48. Tantalizing typography

5 Dec

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Here is a slide show of some of the best uses of typography used i advertising designs:

1. Amazon: Rock. Amazon uses images of CD covers and record covers to create the word Rock to promote their music

2. Brighton Language School. The school uses an image of a plant reading “espanol” that is being watered. The metaphor symbolizes that a sprinkling of education can help new languages blossom.

3. Double A paper: Peace. Double A paper is a high quality paper company that shows how important it is to have paper that won’t run or smear.

4. Fabrika. This is a self promotional ad for Fabrika, a creative team for design.

5. FedEx. This ad for FedEx shows that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to create success.

6. Harley Davidson Nightster. This ad for Harley Davidson reflects the sinister and frightening qualities of the image for their new bike.

7. HSBC Systematic Investment Plan. This ad shows that every little month goes a long way.

8. Ikea. This ad shows how Ikea can be used to decorate for the holidays.

9. Khadim’s Shoes. Khadim shows the addictive qualities of their shoes.

10. Khadim’s Shoes. Here is another take on a Khadim’s Shoe ad.

11. Les Jardins de Colette. The ad for French gardens uses the words for bench, trunk, branches and leaves to create a beautiful image of a park.

12. Skittles. This ad uses the pop of color that skittles is known for along with 3D images.

13. My Lotto Co Nz. This ad shows how easy the New Zealand Lotto is to use.

14. Panasonic DVD Theater. This ad uses beautiful typography paired with an unusual word for an interesting combo.

15. PS2. This ad for Play Station 2 shows that guys need entertainment “because your girlfriend bores you sh*tless”

16. The Economist. The ad for the Economist Magazine uses tumbling letters to show the disorderly nature of growing older and planning your future.

17. Think. This ad is a PSA that uses simple type and childrens writing to show how kids will copy their parents.

18. United Nations Population Fund. The ad uses their tag line “Help we are nearly out of space” literally by cramming it into a page with big type.

19. Volkswagen Touareg. This ad shows that the Touareg can compete out in the real world.

Photos courtesy of bestphotoshoptutorials.net


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