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My top 10 to follow on Twitter

24 Jan

Here are the top 10 people I follow on Twitter:

  1. Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost [This is where I get all my news.]
  2. Deb Morrison @DebKMorrison [My advertising professor who tells me what’s what and how to make it in this world.]
  3. Lord Voldemort @Lord_Voldemort7 [Brilliant stuff  that always gives me a laugh.]
  4. Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler [She is clever and not afraid to be herself, which is hard for a woman in comedy.]
  5. Edward Boches @edwardboches [Chief Innovation Officer for Mullen. Shows me what I can do one day.]
  6. Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow [Probably one of my favorite icons in this world. Keep dancing Ellen.]
  7. Judd Apatow @JuddApatow [Makes some great stuff. And some pretty bad stuff.]
  8. Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian [The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure.]
  9. Wieden + Kennedy @WiedenKennedy [Amazing stuff coming out of here. This is the big BIG goal.]
  10. Dave Allen @DaveAtNORTH [Digital Strategist at NORTH and rockstar.]

It’s not you LA, it’s me

19 Jan

I know I have been missing in action, but life catches up with you. Check this project at

Jon Jackson, a designer who has lived in Los Angeles for years, recently got a job offer in New York. After deciding to make the move, Jackson said goodbye to the city in the only way he knew best, through art.

Jackson erected a series of “breakup” billboards all over the city the read messages such as “It’s not you LA, it’s me” and “I think we need to see other cities”. These billboards are placed on popular streets all over LA, including West Hollywood and Venice Blvd.

Although the breakup looks pretty official, LA is secretly pleading he will come to his senses and run back with open arms.