What’s the point

For decades, mentioning you work in advertising only led to looks of contempt and disinterest.  The general public sees the profession as tacky and manipulative. Nothing is more annoying then pop-ups, spam and billboards showing you how to lose those last 10 lbs of tummy weight. My interest in the industry stems from these misgivings.

Over the last few years, the industry has grown and expanded into something more than just a massive interruption. Ad campaigns have began to incorporate themselves into the lives of consumers, instead of being thrown at them. Tasteless commercials still plague our favorite Grey’s Anatomy episodes, causing viewers to zoom through them on their Tivo’s, but more and more we are started to see clever ads and branding that are stopping people in their tracks (or love seats).

The purpose of this blog is to examine the creativity, culmination and crap that is thrown in our faces everyday and attempt to pull out the gems. Every ad and campaign was created to sell something. In the words of Don Draper,

What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.

Whether it be an idea, an image or a new vacuum cleaner, brands are created to sell. Coming to you from 15th Avenue, here is what I believe may be contributing to the next golden age of advertising.


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